About the MCPRW

MCPRW is a unique system designed for Honda, harleys, and others that desire the feeling of a two-wheel motorcycle but the stabilization of a trike while parking or reversing.

There is no system in today’s market that compares to the sleek and stylish look. It was designed to satisfy the need of looks and utility. The MCPRW enhances the look of many models of motorcycles, incluidng Goldwings and Harleys. It is engineered with reliability and simplicity as the primary features.

We chose to avoid the need for expensive electronic units, using instead a simple on and off toggle switch. The toggle switch supplies 12 volts to two electrical activators, which lowers and raises the wheels. The wheels pivot out when they are lowered, and when they are raised they tuck in next to the exhaust system.

The design of the MCPRW is to assist riders in parking and reversing. It should never be used at a speed above 3-5 MPH. You may not want to use the MCPRW every time you stop, however you can avoid dropping your bike while parking or reversing on wet and icy surfaces. It will also provide assistance on slick surfaces such as sand, gravel, and hot asphalt.

The reliability of the MCPRW is designed to give you years of trouble free service. It is constructed in a way that can quickly be removed and replaced as necessary, but the utility of the MCPRW will be there for years to come.